Guide to Local Schools in St. Charles

Guide to Local Schools in St. Charles

  • Cory Jones
  • 08/29/22

If you’re searching for St. Charles, IL homes for sale, then you probably want to learn more about some of the local schools in the area. St. Charles is home to some of the best schools in Illinois. Read on for a guide to the best local St. Charles schools.

Bell Graham Elementary School

Are you looking for St. Charles schools to send your child to? Cory Jones Team is the real estate team that’ll help you find not only the perfect home, but some of the best schools in the area. Located in Fox Valley’s Community School District 303 just 40 miles west of Chicago, Bell Graham Elementary School is an inviting, nurturing, and inclusive place for your children to grow emotionally, socially, and academically. Opened in 2000 and dedicated in honor of—and named after—retired educators Charles Bell, Kenneth Graham, and Robert Graham, Bell Graham Elementary School serves approximately 400 students from kindergarten to fifth grade with a mission to “foster a reflective and joyful learning community” where students not only respect diversity and lead with their hearts and minds, but understand that cooperation, participation, and partnership help us grow, that learning is a life-long process, and “childhood is a journey, not a race.” With academic opportunities that include AT math, art, band, music, orchestra, and physical education, Bell Graham Elementary School is committed to fostering the skills children need in order to become well-rounded global citizens.

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St Charles East High School

On the search for St. Charles homes? Reach out to the agents on Cory Jones Team to learn more about this wonderful community, including amenities, recreational opportunities, and great schools to send your child to. For older children who are about to enter those formative teenage years, St Charles East High School is an exceptional high school that’s dedicated to excellence and student achievement by providing a rigorous curriculum for its students. Part of District 303, St. Charles East High School’s teachers, staff, and administrators are committed to equipping students with the tools they need to not only succeed academically, but develop strong interpersonal relationships, reach their highest potential, and become stewards of community engagement, progress, and care. Offering high academic standards such as AP and dual credit courses, AVID, biliteracy opportunities, a wealth of extracurricular programs in arts, music, and sports, and partnerships with parents and the wider community to foster an environment geared towards success, St. Charles East High School is where students not only thrive, but have the support to reach even higher.

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St. Charles North High School

St. Charles North High School is another top-rated school in District 303 that families in the Fox Valley are happy to send their high school-aged children to. This school’s community-minded approach to its students means that it’s dedicated to fostering achievement and growth through “discovery, cooperation, preparation, and inspiration,” providing students with a nurturing and inclusive environment to become life-long learners and passionate global citizens. With a wide array of educational opportunities that include arts, music, CTE, off-campus programs, and a deep commitment to extracurricular programs and a well-rounded curriculum, St. Charles North High School gives students the tools, experiences, and support they need to continue learning, growing, and achieving.
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